About Us

‘Dixit and Zak ’ is a brand of exquisite olfactory blends created by professionals , Nitish Dixit and Zakir Laskar. Nitish is a qualified Chemical Engineer with an extensive knowledge of Modern Science & Perfumery. Zakir has an in-depth experience of traditional Indian fragrances & rare oriental exposure. As duo together we have collaborated and designed an exhilarating range of perfume blends that have a common resonation for them and reflect their passion, originality, note by note.​ , all of our blends have been ensemble after extensive trials and experimentation, combining local ingredients and western perfumery. The brand, ‘ Dixit & Zak’ is about making a fearless and truthful statement, in a fast paced world that may otherwise leave one feeling isolated. Its fragrances are fashioned to alleviate the existing chaos and reconnect within. It is something that elevates and stimulates the senses. Welcome aboard all, who are willing to free-fall in ‘the valley of nature’ with “Dixit & Zak” !

Brindaban (Sold Out)

‘Brindaban’ started with a very innocent idea to create a ‘Traditional Attar’ experience on a modern perfumery platform. Though turned out challenging and this took us a year of making one single blend. We had a roller coaster ride. Finally, everything fall into places the choice of ingredients then balance of composition. Above all smell ‘ORIGINAL’.
Now it’s all worth the effort!
Our idea to give an attar in perfume bottle is all about fragrant full journey. Let ‘Brindaban’ speak for us...
‘Brindaban’ is joy of life in a bottle. Enjoying nature walk is what one will feel.
Zesty opening, floral bouquet everything in harmony with elements of earthy, mossy, musky, powdery, green, spicy and woods.
An epic ‘Jugalbandi’ of Sandalwood and Patchouli giving a euphoric experience on dry down. It has festivities like aura. A great natural fragrance with beautiful projection and longevity.
Ensemble of ingredients makes it more interesting. The Japanese Yuzu, Indian Marigold, French Lavender, Ruh Kewda, Ruh Khus with Hindi Oud, Vintage Mysore Sandalwood, Patchouli & more.

Charbagh (Sold Out)

Charbagh is like to walk in the garden with Emperor.

An exclusive blend of private distilled rose damascena layered smoothly on creamy sandalwood, tweaked with tiny dose of cardamom bud and placed in a oud vase. It’s such a symphony and treat for senses.
Gives a rejuvenating experience. The opening is fresh petal of roses with a kiss of citrus peel and dash of honey. It’s lush.
The Charbagh is very delicate rose ‘Gulkan’ and not overwhelming rich rosy sugary jam.
I can say with confidence it is ‘one of a kind’ rose experience. Unfortunately, supply of this quality rose material is extremely low & heavy cost price as private distilled. Furthermore, Vintage sandalwood and oud makes the tag price go heavy and insane. It’s commercially not viable.
Just to showcase our work and rarity of ingredients we decided to sell only a handful dozen & rest we decide to keep as our private collection.
Charbagh is fine example of a natural & very rare blend of rose. Hence, we decided to save a little & share a little.
Thank-you who already bought it & sorry for disappointing some. 

Rising Mysore (Sold Out)

Our thought of “Rising Mysore” was born to establish a direct emotional and mystical relationship. An immersive, pure and sacred.
Our attempt is to archive material memory in perfume medium. Reinterpret, reimagined a serene experience.

Visually too we wanted to translate our work. The golden hue liquid, Mysore painting & the smell should bring back the “buried” memories of traditional fragrances. The narrative is of celebration, love, light, festivity and life. “Rising Mysore” is sublime & charming to all senses. A feeling of basking morning sunlight. A sense of oneness in praying. A sense of healing in meditation. A breeze of calmness. It is positive, subtle and relaxing.
The orchestration of ingredients we wanted was unique to Indian tradition with infusion of western classics and Persian influence which came along in the millennia.
The introduction of Holy Basil (tulsi) with Hatkhora lime, Lavender (Italy), Jasmine Sambac (Mogra) and other citrus elements
gives a zesty, white, spicy opening rounded with hint of Rose Damascena on bed of woody & creamy sandalwood along with “dullo” dance of patchouli. .
The rebellious use of “garam masala” potli (Indian spice family) weaves together all ingredients and gives a smooth transition from heart to dry down. Very refreshing & brings in unique notes to the blend. Not overpowering. There are breathtaking subtle nuances & it’s is therapeutic. Spicy notes ascents the dry character of the pefume

Sandalwood we have used lactic of east and spicy Mysore from south in equal measure laced with robust dark Indian patchouli and humble Javanese. This gives a beautiful dry down like Japanese incense experience lingering on skin. A monkoh session.

We have been blending the ingredients from February of this year and curing. This has come so beautifully so far...a calmness of sandalwood with spice of herbs & playful white.

Emperor Hind (Sold Out)

We crave, we wander, we explore, we travel and we source. The quest for the finest, the exotic, the magnetic & yet the desire for that fable smell never fulfills.
It is all for that euphoric feeling, the one which triggers emotions, the one which re-creates aura & that sense of deja-vu which transcends beyond olfaction memory.

Little do we realise like the humble deer that smell is within us. It is a state of mind we cannot conquer. This is what ‘Emperor Hind’ resonates

As they hymn together. The royals of Sandalwood, Jasmine, Indian Champaca,
musk & ambergris they all bow to Hindi Oud. It’s aura is majestic on throne of dark fossil Amber. This is our beast - ‘EMPEROR HIND’.