Rising Mysore 2 | 30 ml EDP
Rising Mysore 2 | 30 ml EDP

Rising Mysore 2 | 30 ml EDP

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The idea is to reinvent a magical sequence. In a world where no two people think alike, we want to communicate through fragrance in a bottle. Arise a feeling of association. Rising Mysore TWO is all about being different yet similar.

Keeping the fabric Rising Mysore, we started weaving our dream sequel. A blend with heaps of new ingredients added craft-fully to surpass the last. Kindle surprise elements & tease our senses. It’s alike! Though different. A journey of three versions.

Refreshing tangy-candy opening soon takes a diversion of florals. There are beautiful white blooms and zest to it. Spiced, greens & earthiness give a sense of Rising Mysore though the run is short-lived. It is more parfum in this avatar.

In Rising Mysore TWO, sandalwood is very regal. The profile is zesty, bitter, sharp with dry woodiness & a beautiful musk (a facet of Sandalwood profile). The overall experience is sublime & gentle towards the end: subtle creamy santal - woodiness like Japanese incense.

With the Rising series, we wanted to highlight the versatility of sandalwood & modesty. It allows a myriad of ingredients to accommodate and play. It camouflages, blends, bonds, and mingles like no other. A stable platform to showcase work & it shines till the end.

*Natural fragrances are more complex and harmonious with deep layers, like cricket symphony. The journey is fascinating. Never stops.
However, It is a roller coaster ride to achieve balance. Every time it's different. Everything affects natural ingredients. Exposure of environment, age of the material, type of distillation, curing method, a region of material, water, maceration process & so on. Natural material, some are fragile, others are rigid, volatile & vulnerable. Furthermore, to define work with the uniqueness of the material. To make it shine, one requires to take a bold step & break the resistance.